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Determined to turn your vision into reality, Crosstown Audio is an audio engineering company that works mainly in Austin, Texas specializing in recording, mixing, audio editing, production, and mastering. Using professional techniques and state of the art equipment, we provide sonic qualities that inspire creativity and turn raw emotion into a musical production that will be everlasting. Your vision is our vision.

Veteran owned and operated, we provide a level of professionalism and attention to detail that gives our clients confidence in us to supply them with the quality of work they deserve. Crosstown Audio strives to build and maintain professional relationships with our clients so you will feel comfortable bringing us all of your projects and ideas. If you have no experience in a professional studio or if you have been recording and performing for years, Crosstown Audio will happily take on any project you have no matter the genre.


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Have your songs recorded in a professional studio with the best outboard equipment using the most modern and efficient recording techniques. *free mix and master included*

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If your project is in the pre-mixing stage send it to us for pitch correction (vocals), rhythm correction, and clip gaining.

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$150 for multiple

Let us optimize your project with a professional mix. Even if you did not record with us, we will gladly take on your project and mix it to compete with the industry standard.

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We can put the final touches on your mix with this final step of post production. By limiting, balancing, and stereo enhancment, we will take the sonic elements of your mix and optimize it for playback on any sound system and streaming service.

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Inquire within for rates based on your projects needs *$75 initial fee*

We use a variety of production techniques to help you develop and refine your music. Visit the contact form and ask about custom beats for any ocassion!

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